Her Handpicked Choice Of Love……

She didn’t have her dreams sorted; neither was her idea of LOVE nor what she wanted LOVE to give her.

But Amiya was getting sure of heart, one day at a time. Amiya was fiddling with a million things while navigating her life through the fast-paced game of work-life-balance in the city that never chose to sleep. It wasn’t Mumbai where she was doing what she mostly ‘had to do’ rather than ‘wanting to do’ in her life. Continue reading “Her Handpicked Choice Of Love……”

Some Light That One Sees After…. All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr


I didn’t expect to come across a novel, based on the true lines of World War ll, containing such vehemence of life, elaborateness of relationships and attempt to live life against all odds in the longer haul. I always thought in my ‘learning-about-life’ phases that what if we see even-handedness in almost everything in life, think that it is the way ‘it should be’ and how vexing it would be to always see bad things happening around you and feeling unqualified to tackle the same, leave alone solving it as A-1.

“All The Light We Cannot See” by author Anthony Doerr can be best described as commixture of human feeling, beautifully interlacing two souls like night and day but with a thread connecting two lives of Maria-Laure LeBlanc (a blind girl in France) and Werner Pfennig (an ambitious orphan in Germany with an insatiable liking of radio and its frequencies). Their paths coalesce in France amid many lives shattered, scattered and living in shambles through the devastation of World War ll. Author Doerr has done a commendable job of interestingly describing the happenings in these two protagonists’ lives along with another man, Etienne, who lives in the walled city of Saint-Malo, enclosed in his room since his elder brother’s death. The blind girl, Marie-Laure, lives with her father in Paris, who works for the Museum of Natural History as chief locksmith. She walks around the city by solicitously studying the miniature city model made by her father and makes most of her time by reading books, one after another; her favorite being the Sea Of Flames she got as a birthday present. When Nazis attack Paris, she has to flee to Saint-Malo city, carrying a precious diamond that carries a sea of forebodings.

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I Am In Love With My Life…Again After Enduring ‘The Zahir’ By Paulo Coelho

331 pages of camaraderie, experience, success, failure, marriage, fervor, friendship and above all – LOVE

Love, for every one of us, has different meanings; sometimes, it better suits our situations, most of the times our convenience and in least parts – US, as persons looking for warmth and care, in the form of LOVE.

Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Zahir’ is his journey of experiences where he, someone as a wildly reputable and acclaimed author and a non-celebrity at the same time, shows you how something life-changing can happen when we least expect it.

Metaphors enliven the ordinary language and that’s what Paulo Coelho does best.

‘The Zahir’ is a book only for those who look for meaning in life. Through Paulo Coelho’s writing in the book, the narrator’s ‘Zahir’ finds a completely unique experience as well as meaning which is so close to be humane, to make your heart wretched with the author’s pain and at the same time, feel vibrant with Esther’s desire to find the path back to love, while trying to make her husband walk back to her – all in love!

Here are 10 quotes from ‘The Zahir’ that speak LOVE by all means.











Not every day, you get to see life through love. Mean it, Hold it…Forever!!!