Her Handpicked Choice Of Love……

She didn’t have her dreams sorted; neither was her idea of LOVE nor what she wanted LOVE to give her.

But Amiya was getting sure of heart, one day at a time. Amiya was fiddling with a million things while navigating her life through the fast-paced game of work-life-balance in the city that never chose to sleep. It wasn’t Mumbai where she was doing what she mostly ‘had to do’ rather than ‘wanting to do’ in her life.

A busting national capital region and its own cliché sets of conundrums was where Amiya started to learn shaping her career through. And later, living her career too. She found plentiful of reasons to why she was happy pacing through the everyday challenges the city bombed on her every new day. Her ‘not so 2am friend’ but still ‘someone who is always there for her’ was there for here- Piya always loved Amiya like no one else of her friends did; she wasn’t the pious soul, she always managed to poked the hell out of her and bully her like she owned her. And what everyone always saw between these two ladies was always pure love. Amiya always knew there was a huge scope for her to become ‘better’ and ‘stronger’, in love friends with Piya; she loved her back way too much even when she wasn’t the one who could easily manage to get out of her life’s potholes and emerge like a warrior.

With years, there was a love fetish that grew shinier and stronger between Amiya and Piya; she knew she had an anchor in her life in times when she just wanted to stop sailing, sat down, look down the deep shores of sea and just think about how life has been to her.

There wasn’t just Piya for Amiya; she had a few others too and she was just content with them. Making new friends wasn’t something that gave her jitters with its mere thought but Amiya just ‘chose’ whenever she wanted and that was it. No science or art in understanding this one because Amiya had something always playing at the back of her mind and heart – ‘Do you what you like babe. If something or a person makes you smile, it’s all worth it. Do it all and don’t do it all when your mind and heart just doesn’t give a shit about it.

Amiya had a lot more than this in her life that for her, always a journey!

She yet had to see, meet, talk and fall in love with ‘A Handpicked Choice of Love’ and……………… ???


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